Collection: STMNT

STMNT is brought to you by the founding collective:

Julius Arriola aka JULIUS CVESAR,

Sofie Pok aka STAYGOLD 

Miguel Gutierrez aka NOMAD BARBER.

Barbers by trade and creators by nature, this team of innovators know the scene inside and out. So, they joined forces to create something new, something better. 

STMNT is a modern barbering brand that shakes things up and makes a statement.

21 products
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  • STMNT Definition Spray, 6.7 oz.
  • STMNT Hair Gel, 5 oz.
  • STMNT Matte Paste, 3.38 oz.
  • STMNT Wax Powder, .53 oz.
  • STMNT Shine Paste, 3.38 oz.
  • STMNT Grooming Spray, 6.76 oz.
  • STMNT Dry Clay, 3.38 oz.
  • STMNT Beard Oil, 1.6 oz.
  • STMNT Fiber Pomade, 3.38 oz.
  • STMNT Classic Pomade, 3.38 oz.
  • STMNT Spray Powder, .14 oz.
  • STMNT Shampoo, 10.14 oz.
  • STMNT Conditioner, 10.14 oz.
  • STMNT Hair & Body Cleansing Soap Bar, 4.4 oz.
  • STMNT Barber Station Mat